Tools & Techniques Workshops

How-to workshops will give you the Tools & Techniques to assist you with your own labour market strategy.

The workshops will be led by subject matter experts and provide you with materials that you can use right away. 

Participation of Indigenous Persons
Indigenous peoples comprise 3% of the aviation and aerospace workforce. They are the fastest growing population in Canada and are an underleveraged resource to help fill the gap in skills and employment. Challenges and opportunities to attract, recruit and retain an Indigenous workforce in aviation and aerospace will be discussed including the importance of building long-term engaged relationships and partnerships between industry, educators and Indigenous communities.
Participation of Women
Thriving through Diversity: Increasing the participation of Women in the workplace. Led by the Graybridge Malkam Diversity Consulting Group
Mentoring, succession planning...
Mentoring, Mentoring, succession planning, and knowledge transfer: Best Practices: Kevin Schafer, CareerJoy
Competency-based training
Introduction to competency-based training. Led by Dr. Suzanne Kearns (University of Waterloo) and Bernie Wurster (Aviation Consultant)
Strategy & Policy
Policy to create a convergent strategy with Government by Industry, and Educators. An interactive focus group
ABC’s of Effective Outreach
Learn about the Outreach Funnel as an approach to recruiting, along with some guiding principles for effective outreach and ideas to get you started. Guest speaker Chris Kitzan, will share his real-life experience in doing outreach to inspire young Canadians and provide an overview of some of the exciting new initiatives planned for the coming year. A Q&A will follow the presentation, so bring your questions and your ideas!
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